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No parent has time to spend all day with his or her child and wouldn’t choose to do so even if he or she did; parents want some time to themselves just like every other person.Being an only child often forces you to rely more on your imagination, which matures into creativity with age.Not all parents are great parents, and most children are devil incarnates -- the relationship between parents and their children can be… When people don't have siblings, their earliest friendships are often with their parents.Or rather, their first attempts at friendship are with their parents.

Only children will spend a lot of time on their lonesome.

Realising how fast our lives are changing can cause some of us to think this way.

In light of this, websites for future parents are a different and accessible way of finding the ideal partner, and especially one who also shares the desire for a baby.

Our website is specifically dedicated to people who want to have a child.

The idea is simple; members have one objective, which is to find the right person.

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When you don’t have any brothers or sisters to play, learn and share with, you build yourself an ego -- an ego that is too often reinforced by parents raising an only child.

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  1. Indeed, Rebecca, who says that “my partner’s faith is the most important aspect when considering who I date,” thinks that part of the challenge of Christian dating is that the “church is not equipped to handle singles over the age of twenty-five.” Yet, it is possible to find romantic success on the Christian dating scene, no matter what age or romantic background you are from.