Chatroulet 24 dating and personality types

There are charming stories of emerging characters like the "piano man" who improvises songs to the chat buddies that he encounters.

There's also the potential thrill of a brush with a celebrity - popstar Katy Perry has said she is a fan of the site.

While it was hurtful he soon found that his own Chatroulette behaviour was equally fickle.

"After I got comfortable 'nexting' people I realised I would definitely next me too, I really only pause on pretty girls," he says on his video.

Whether this is youthful naivety or a clever bit of PR, both insist that despite the sleazy antics that have become part of the furniture, their noble intentions of reinvigorating people's social lives have been realised.As part of his experiment Mr Neistat connected with 90 people in one afternoon.He described them as mostly young, with a ratio of 71% male, 15% female and 14% "pervert"."Most of the ways people interact are based on commonality: common interests, culture, etc.That's all fine, but it's also important to interact with people who are different from you," said Mr K-Brook.

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GPHangouts also provides a similar function by listing all the public Google Hangouts, but you have create hangout on Google separately, then add the URL of the hangout to GPHangouts.

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