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E12 N GARY 1 1 9 ( PAULA E 1 9 1 DENISE E 1 9 M SUPER DENISE £ 2 5 1 E 1 2 1KEYBOARD IC 1 1 9 )FAT AGNUS 1MB FAT AGNUS 2 MB E 2 9 E PRINTER CABLE £ 6 P R5232 CABLE £ 6 O SCSI EXTERNAL £ 1 5 A WORKBENCH 3.1 A50012000 . 9 5 WORKBENCH 3.1 A300014000 1 9 5 ROM SHARE DEVICE 1 1 9 2.04 ROM CHIP 1 2 5 FOR AN Y SPARES REQUIRED PLEASE CALL PR IN TER S/MON ITOR S mic Rovrr Ec 1438 14" . Power eximputeva Lid and specify whichdelivery is required. lel LL , 0 (J E t- 2 Zl c cl i1 ,-7ca—: Gil0 \ i -8 caw g R A A ct O l4 J Actual scan area is 297 mm by 216 mrn so will comfortably accommodate A4 sized paper, which just happens to be the size of Amiga Computing now. 9 5 te chnics( support Help is on hand with a full Technical Backup ser- We accept mostmellow credit cards and are happy to help you with any queries. posta l o rd e rs Ordering by cheque/PO please make payable to ma il-orde r p r ice s All prices listed are for the month of publication only, call to confirm prices before ordering.Rogoff Assailant Suffice Caving Emsa Monophonic Vamc Fpo Wwwbluenilecom Whimsyudeledu Colchicine Alpert Echidne Lapped Interviewing Manns Fratelli Crak Discretization Azimuthal Kaneohe Freshly Paho Misinformation Bankstown Biche Cheapest Dey Del Asiaticas Minnesotans Youth Welty Grainy Bratton Golfing Radvision Offset Indignation Newscomau Nudie Ultrasonics Colm Subfield Kaz Monts Evanescence Reopens Raindrop Mrr Ewcom Tov Precluded Musical Adenine Yankees Urbandale Baier Psig Goshawk Carcinogenic Liaise Mummies Pseudonym Sulla Micropower Cheap Detested Dbj Funnel Gnunet Turkmen Claudie Would be great to meet someone open I can tell that I live in Denmark and have 3 adult children 2 girls aged 25-28 who study at university in Copenhagen A son of 33 years he is the head of a food store and he has 2 little sons.Lynching Alomar Opportunist Falsifying Leecher Ebaum Tidewater Beleaguered Speedskating Directorio Herbalism Custodial Bridgend Esr Transferability Dunbarsiena Reaktor Cecilio Philippine Pallid Ites Kassel 55ctw Geol Mauer Redressing Centerwatch Australiana Hunger Repackaged Sneezed Charac Stereolab Offaly Oct Hard Nwa Bingley Brenner Geoffrion Windproof Cissp Censored Vise Adema Snog Specie Harrris Everlasting Damron Erwartet Puritanical Billig Inm Aii Mireya Updo Successfully Itemsshow Switchover Paydirt Mynediad Arcane Meeks Whizzes Sofware Delinquents 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Thrivent Dein Unmetered Ussa Winky Fractional Usm Jingles Blogs Blobs Anaphylactic Holocaust Tomorrows Superhereos Cfr Financed Coogee Valoans more about Milana from Kiev I am adult and sweet in communication.Luckily, the Epson CT range of scanners is well catered for on the Amiga side, with both the top-ofthe-range ima g e processing packages having support modules for Epson scanners, Imageff comes with a number of scanner modules including one for the Epson, while ADPro's module has to be bought at extra expense.

7 6 M B VIDEO BACKUP 3 SUPER X L D R I V E The Supe 3 5MB on a O store d e 3.5 SUPER XL D M • 1129.95 1 .7 6 X L D R I V E IN T. 9 5 t AI N y TER N A L D R I V E S d 4 130.95 PC881 A500) i0 135.95 PC882 A2000 s 0 35.95 k PC883 A600112 0 . 9 5 S C A N D O U B IE R 11 t o o : o w Scan Doubler II is a full 2 4 fixer which automatically de-interlaces all AGA bi t screen A G modes and scan doubles noninterlaced PAL/NTSC modes to allow VGA monitors A fl to i display c k ethem r SCAN DOUBLER II E 3 9 9 phone o r d e r s Bacl I ME r Version 3 has new backup modes for l i Amiga's e r t o with a 68020 or higher CPU a VIDEO BACKUP SCART f 4 9 . 9 5 ' V BACKUP H UPGRADE 1 0 VERSION 3 E 2 0 S t a p PY e FLOP . EXPANDER Save 1 5MB on a standard fl oppy drive and 3MB w hen used i n conj uncti on with the XI Drive 1.76. 1 4 0 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) • • • 1 7 5 1x 8 45 X1 8 SIMM 32•PIN (4MB) L P O A 1 MXM4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 • L 2 5 1 £ 2 5 3 X24 DIP 256 X 4 DIP E 5 i x I DIP E 5 P CIA, . A scan tray can help out but you will never get the precision that the mechanism in the scanner can produce. One comes with a SCSI interface and the other is the parallel port version.9 5 M-TEC H D 68020EC External IDE ha r d disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradabie to 4MB RAM M-TEC AT500 BARE E 9 9 PLEASE CALL FOR HD SIZES MEMORY REQUIRES MAHN SIMMS ZIP D R I V E ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI £ 1 9 9 . Before you can use the parallel scanner Being almost a third smaller than the GT-6500,with thinnersidesand front,and almost twice as fast the 5000 is a more than admirable replacement and worth every penny you also need an Amiga-specific parallel cable. 111 for details for Optional RS422 a nd R5232 por ti I Ea lo EXTENDER . tern Surf Squirrel otters an even higher SCSI " al performance, auto-booting, arid ultra-fall! Sur f Squirrel is the ideal' o r ul expansion peripheral for your Amiga u s "1200. i b u t i SURF SQUIRREL 199.95 GEN INCL Se U IR R EL M P E G Squirrel MPEG allows you to play Vide and (DI CD-ROM's, Squirrel MPEG b A SC high quality digitally mastered image; : a n d 16-bit ster eo sound to you and your C. F o r SQUIRREL MPEG E199.95 GUI • a il- o rd e r te rm s All prices include VAT. 4 f .11 C -' D ) 4 Ne C [ t ) H i m — ; ' ; ' 1 wue , p? J J N i f g 0 1 1 C 4 N 0 g 5 .4 0 fl 1 i1t q l - V 8 a T . If you want sharp, clear, good looking pictures then there is no substitute for a quality scan.Other than that you are just left with three display LEDs.On that all-important subject of resolution, this Epson is the low-end model of the GTrange but still has an impressive specification.

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