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So it kind of sets the stage for everything that comes this season."As for how D. "But I think it stings a little bit more, especially for Alex moving forward, because somebody that she trusted has betrayed her in a much deeper way, and so she wants to fix that."On Alex's side at the D. "They're starting to find a rhythm together," Rath said of Brainy and Alex's dynamic. "Then once they do, [they will be] kind of rallying to figure out how to stop what is now gaining much greater momentum, this kind of fear of aliens. Director Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) will handle the attack on her superhero sister by one of her own, Rovner noted, "I think it feels more personal, because they're using our agents against us.""They fight back as they always fight back," he added. is her super-smart right-hand man, Braniac 5, aka "Brainy" (Jesse Rath).Prior to May 31st, families notified of an opening will be given 3 business days to register and pay in full for the reserved session.

If parents object to any specific photo or image of their child being used we will honor requests to remove such photos from our website upon being notified of the request, and from future promotional materials.

This newsletter is pack full of information: •Brainy Camps will once again be participating in the 24-hour fundraising event Do More24 •news about year-round support for families •camp season is only 3 months away!

ended on a kryptonite cliffhanger -- and things are only going to get more dire from here."I think it'll take the whole team to try and save her," executive producer Robert Rovner said of the episode's scary final shot, which shows Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) plummeting to Earth after being targeted by the diabolical brother-sister duo of Mercy and Owen Graves (Rhona Mitra and Robert Baker), who escaped from D. "I think it's kind of like a big sister-type relationship that they have.

We understand if you need to make changes to your camper’s enrollment.

Most changes in date and location can be accommodated until 10 business days prior to the start of your scheduled camp session.

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