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If you unwillingly fit into the latter category it will behoove you to check out the Atlanta matchmaking service, “Better Way To Meet.”Georgia Voice spoke with “Better Way To Meet” consultant Lamont Scales on what sets “Better Way To Meet” apart from other services and why Atlanta gay and bisexual men could benefit.Georgia Voice: Tell us about the concept for Better Way To Meet.

Clients don’t pay any fees until a match is found for them.

” and “Look at the lines” and “Notice how the painter used texture on this woman,” and I’m like, “Mhm. And, maybe you’ve internalized, “I know maybe I ‘shouldn’t’ be looking at this this way,” but to be standing in group of people wandering through a museum and looking at these beautiful bodies and appreciating them, it’s secretly freeing. I could choose to stay in that straight-passing world, and that would be fine, except it doesn’t feel authentic.

So there was a long time, where I was like, What is the point of stirring the pot with my family, especially if I don’t have someone that I really, really love that identifies as a woman to meet my parents? The majority of my job is being an open channel, and if I’m not being very authentic with who I am in myself, then it doesn’t feel like I can dig down deep and get to really vulnerable stuff, or stuff I have never felt before. They found out through the internet because my dad likes the internet.

’ It was like, tens, tens, tens across the board.” It was a decision inspired in part by Twitter: After Beatriz herself came out, the social-media engine did its work and began to dream that maybe her character, who had long given off queer vibes, might be interested in women, too.

My mom took us to see this Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Houston Museum of Art when I was, like, 11. ” Museums were probably the root for me because it was free rein to stare at the beautiful bodies in all the paintings.

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