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Some courts may interpret your choice to date as a lack of care or concern for the children involved, even when this is not the case.

Even a court subconsciously disagreeing with your decision to date could lead to that court factoring in more weight to your personal life when making a custody determination.

There are also potential negative effects on the financial aspects of divorce.

While the personal impact of dating during divorce might be something you are prepared to handle, you should also consider the potential legal effects dating during a divorce can have on the outcome of divorce, especially if children are involved.

While dating during divorce is not illegal, a court might view your pursuit of new relationships negatively while making custody determinations.

While you must ultimately make your own decision about dating during divorce, you should keep the following things in mind when making such a decision. Even if your prospective new dating partner is aware of your situation and you are the type of person that can handle stress, a divorce can bring up a lot of emotions that you may not be used to.

It can also be time-consuming at certain points during the process, which can take your focus away from a new relationship.

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