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Well, how does one define fashion going global – When a Gucci or Armani is displayed on the fashion streets of Japan and China or when celebrities like Liz Hurley or Will Smith showcase themselves in an Asian outfit?The winds of global fashion industry are changing their course – no more do fashion winds move only from west to east but they blow from east to west too.On the other hand, fearing a rise in oil prices, consumers are looking for fuel efficient and compact cars. Objectives • To analyse the increasing popularity of new media over the traditional media in the US • To provide an overview of the US newspaper industry and the competitive scenario • To analyse the various factors that affect the US print newspaper industry • To analyse how the US print newspaper industry can hold its audience and increase its revenue. Since 2007, the gearless scooter segment has been growing as compared to motorcycles (14.4% to 2.17 million units).Consumers as well as market analysts presume that new CAFÉ standards can be met by 2020 which is in contradiction to the view of the automakers. The demand for such scooters increased in Indian twowheeler market due to improvement in product features, design and style; and was targeted to attract young college girls, housewives, and teenagers.Although oriental fashion is pulling huge crowds to its fashion weeks, the Asian fashion industry, despite talented designers and lean manufacturing processes, is failing to build a brand image in the high-end luxury segment.Factors like low brand value, lack of technical know-how, infrastructure and distribution networks have been hampering their growth opportunities globally.The increasing online advertising revenue at the US newspaper websites put forth a notion that the industry will undergo a paradigm shift from the print medium to the online medium.

Moreover, with poorly facilitated airports, inadequate road infrastructure, high taxation levels and a bureaucratic visa processing system, India's hotel industry has serious challenges ahead. Launched in 1999, the portal targeted SMEs providing Business to Business (B2B) solutions and aggressively expanded the customer base by tailoring its offerings to various SMEs.Asian fashion, of late, has made its presence felt on the global ramp.For centuries, western brands like Gucci, Versace, Armani and LVMH maintained their supremacy in the world of fashion.Fashion INA0078 2009 Available Available Keywords Asia, Oriental, Fashion, Blue Ocean Strategy, SWOT Analysis, GAP Analysis , Japan, China, Europe, Retail, Gucci, Global, Brand, Apparel, Supply chain CAFE Fuel Rules: Changing Auto Industry Dynamics in the US Customer preference; Competitive environment; US Auto industry The US Newspaper Industry at Crossroads?The print newspaper industry of the US has been witnessing revenue decline since 2005.

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