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Stunning Quality If you've seen any of these original works of art in person, you know just how breathtaking they can be.At overstock Art, we're able to recreate that experience in your home with our hand-crafted oil painting reproductions on canvas.Add one of these beautiful paintings of women to your art collection today.Though male artists have been painting the female nude for millennia, when female artists have dared to something similar, they've been criticized or ignored.From the beginning, she's surprisingly personal and chatty: "What's wrong with oversharing??! I'm so annoyed by how much New York emulates Europe with all these stiff classist social conventions." Occasionally, she mentions inviting me to her studio—but every time I try to set a date, she disappears. Isn't that why we cordon off sex, to contain its disruptive power?Finally, almost as an afterthought, I mention that my wife, Kathy, also paints male nudes, including one with an erection. Two days later, Kathy and I step off an elevator into Wittenberg's loft.With hand-painted reproductions of stunning works by famous and up-and-coming artists, you'll have dozens of dazzling options when you search for art with women on our site.

After art school, she spent a year in Italy making sculptures in glass and copying classical paintings, then moved to New York and landed a job staging shows for installation artist Anthony Mc Call.

You can find women reading, women sleeping, women working or women falling in love.

We have paintings of women's backs in alluring nude portraits along with innocent portraits of women with children.

Back in May I started chatting to a lovely man who lived in the Manchester area. We are enjoying each others company very much and both hope it lasts.

We first met on the 8th June and almost two months later we are very much a couple and love spending as much time together as possible. I loathed having to date on the internet at my age but am so grateful we were matched.

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