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Joe and Stella later get into a fight over it, and Joe says that she is gorgeous, so adorable she makes him sick and suggests he hasn't asked her out because he likes her, and didn't want to ruin their friendship, then they kissed.

The next day at school, Kevin and Nick see them kissing, which means they have presumably started dating.

He is also a little conceited and loves to prank his brothers.

He and Stella think alike sometimes, such as in Keeping it Real.

She calls herself, 'The Girl with Joe Who Everyone Wants to Know.' To try and get Fiona to stop hounding Joe, the boys try and make it seem uncool to be with Joe by turning him into a nerd, saying that “Fiona brought out the real Joe”, but it backfired as fans loved it.

Their next plan to get rid of her is where they make up that Joe falls in love with a ‘Mystery Woman’ (Stella), and post the pictures up on the Internet.

Warm Springs, Georgia, Daily Plug, Middle Georgia State University, Jesus Loves You, Parents Call Discover Talent, When I Was Younger, Hilarious Photos, Callaway Gardens, Worlds Best Pranks, Around the World, We called it cooties.

There is no sign of divorce and child or pregnancy regarding this couple.The Press makes them out to be a couple by headlines like, 'Hungry for Love; Joe and Fiona's Saucy Romance' and 'Romance Heats Up: Joe Gives Fiona a Diamond Necklace'.The publicity makes Fiona romantically link herself to Joe to boost her publicity.In "Exam Jam", they have to come to terms with being apart from each other because of the JONAS World Tour and her going to Fashion Summer Program.Joe had a crush on her in "That Ding You Do", even though she refused to go out with him several times throughout the episode, his brothers help him make Angelina realize who Joe really is, a normal average guy, despite being on covers of magazines, and being in JONAS!

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