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I'd recommend staying west of State Street for the most part, as the southeast side of town tends to be the undergrad neighborhoods.

Combine that with the fact that 20-somethings don't flock to college towns.Are you saying social life for mid-20s is bad in general or just for the partying crowd?For what it's worth the Detroit metro is probably a farther drive then I'd like to make on a regular basis and Ypsi is a little small for somewhere I'd want to center my social life fun thing about Ann Arbor is it does feel a bit like a Chicago neighborhood writ small.For games, Vault of Midnight and Get Your Game On have regular game nights for whatever your particular flavor of nerddom is, and Mechanism/Board and Brew/whatever they're calling themselves these days also does regular events for board and tabletop games (usually at Cultivate in Ypsi or Bar at Braun Ct. Beyond that there are Nerd Nite talks regularly at bars around town, trivia and karaoke probably any night of the week at some bar in town, and plenty of club/society events through the university that might be more grad student/professional networking focused.If you're working for a tech startup, depending on your particular position, you might want to check around with the EECS department, School of Information, or whatever specific department fits your background for public lectures/networking events/etc..

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