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It was thought to be a necessary evil, to mutilate and remove all possible hindrances to using a spear or drawing an arrow.This practice may has attributed them the name Amazons from the Classical Greek word "Amazoi", which translates to either breast-less, full-breasted or not-touching men.Little is known about the legendary Amazons, most of which is taken from myths.Only a few historical facts have been discovered to prove the existence and developement of an Amazon culture.A Huge Schoolgirl or Cute Bruiser all grown up is a threat to his tough, masculine image.In lay terms, he's not an Understanding Boyfriend (yet).Unlike All Guys Want Cheerleaders, this trope doesn't necessarily tap into what the entertainment industry presumes turns guys in the audience on or off — that's more a part of Chickification.

Another to keep in mind is that the guy (or girl or whomever) may be turned off not because of their strength or power, but more because of the personality attributes one would assume an Amazon would have (aggression, intimidating personality, easily prone to violence, etc.) That doesn't go on here unless her strength is directly connected to said personality.Another interesting point is that the legend of the Amazons appears in myths of many tribes.Whatever the case, the truth is that this ancient story has captivated many historians, writers, filmakers and has intriqued the mind of all people...Contrast Amazon Chaser, where guys go for a woman she kicks ass.Also contrast with Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy, where the man in question is meant to be weaker and girlier than his female counterpart, and the various tropes on Acceptable Feminine Goals and Traits.

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Peculiar, but perhaps justified from the Amazons perspective, was the removal of a girl's right breast.

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