Alcoholic dating a drinker

, I’ve recently heard some real dating horror stories from people who don’t drink.

Sometimes their experience has been awkward because they didn’t want to have a big conversation about their drinking with someone they’d just met.

After all, who wants to hear someone they fancy say the words, “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you…”?The most important thing is that you have the conversation, and you don’t make it weird. Look, if the worst happens on your date, you have a dull evening and an early night.But if the best happens, you could be at the start of something really interesting, because you’ve met another person with honesty and a real sense of respect. * If this sounds heterosexist, I’m not presuming that it’s men who put women in these situations, though the stories I’ve heard did fall into this category.If they were lactose intolerant, you wouldn’t suggest sharing a cheese board. I’m sure this isn’t true of you, but sometimes, my desire to share a drink with a date has been a cover for my own insecurity. Dating someone who doesn’t drink might feel different, but it’s not an impossible challenge.It’s no different if your date doesn’t drink alcohol, even if you meet for drinks in a pub. I feel more relaxed when I’ve had a drink, so my date will too. And it’s important to remember that the challenge is much bigger for them than for you.

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