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Land Tenure of the Norsemen — The Althing — Local or Parochial Things — Sigurd becomes first Jarl — Torf Einar slays Halfdan Halegg — Con- version of Sigurd the Stout — Battle of Clontarf — Gray's Fatal Sisters Pages 17 — 29 CHAPTER III. Yht Great Jarl Thorfinn — Sir Edmund Head's Verses describing Thorfinn's interview with King Magnus — Paul and Erlend joint Jarls — Deposed by Magnus Barelegs — Battleof the Mcnai Straits — Hakon and Magnus CONTENTS. General Characteristics of the Shetlanders, Folk lore, &^c. Helga and Frakork were then staying with Harald and had been busy making a highly embroidered shirt, which Harald, after taking a nap, laid hold of, and, being told that it was meant for his brother Paul, complained that they never made him such fine garments, and, in spite of their protestations, put it on. 39 Altogether, a good all-round character, and, as far as one can judge, a far more lovable personage than his sainted uncle, whose goodness, like that of Aristides, must have been somewhat overpowering to most people.

Peach, of the Scottish Geological 130158 vi PREFACE. Home, who, for many years, spent their yearly vacations in examining into the much vexed (till settled by them) question as to the glaciation of Shetland, the Orkneys, and the North of Scotland. of Kingcausie and Swanbister, and Mr, White, I am indebted for the chapters on the Flora of the Orkneys and Shetland respectively ; Dr. At midnight, after high mass, they all sat down to another meal, at which Swein Briostreip quarrelled with his namesake for not drinking fair.

Slettmali's son, whenever he wished to claim his patrimony in the Orkneys.

After leaving Tiree, where he had spent the winter, Swein had stopped some time with Maddad, Earl of Athole, who had married Margaret, Hakon's daughter, and afterwards proceeded to Thurso {T/wrsey), where he stayed with Earl Ottar, Frakork's brother, to whom he promised to aid Erlend, Harald 44 THE ORKNEYS AND SHETLAND.

To the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland I am indebted for the permission to reproduce such of the woodcuts as have already appeared in the Proceedings of the Society ; to Herr Cammermeyer, PREFACE, vii of Christiania, for permission to copy on a reduced scale the engraving of the Viking Ship from Gokstad ; to the proprietors of Tlie Illustrated Loudon Neius, for kindly permitting me to copy A Westerly Gale in the Orkneys, Roray Head, Hoy, and to Mr. Jarl Paul had also invited his friends to come and spend the Yule-tide with him at Orphir, and amongst them Valthiof, another son of Olaf, who resided on Stroma.

A., the English Chaplain at Dieppe, and many other gentlemen in Shetland, the Orkneys, and elsewhere for information and assistance kindly rendered or for hospitality shown me when wandering over the islands. Swein, from being at the time sea-fishing, and his mother Asleif and his brother, Gunni, from being away visiting friends, escaped the fate which no doubt Olvir Rosta intended for them as well.

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Early Notices of the Groups — Christianity of the Celtic Population — • Description of the Bressay and Papil Tombstones — Description of the Brochs — List of Brochs — Age of Brochs — Brochs Celtic not Norse — Picts Houses — Stone Circles — Standing Stones — Burial Mounds. Paul, we are told, "considered that the splendid under- clothing which Earl Harald had put on had been intended for him, and therefore he did not like the sisters to stay in the Orkneys." Now Kali son of Kol and Gunnhild comes on the stage, the hero of the Orhieyinga Saga, whose life and doings occupy more than half of the whole Saga. Jon, who also was a dandy, and Kali had been boon companions, and the quarrel which led to the first manslaughter took place in a drunken row, which arose one night after Kali and Jon had retired, between their followers.

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