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(more...) We are constructing a building and need to change the floor plans to accomdate changes.

Work to include the following: A: Use existing JPEG colored rendering and change exterioir colors of the building,...

(more...) PLEASE READ PROPERLY: We need 3ds images (mental ray type) converted/created from sketchup files 2 images needed from each file ( 3 angles) 10 files TOTAL 20 images needed in jpeg BID FOR...

(more...) I need a preliminary cell layout for presentation purposes only. (more...) Looking to hire a FULL-TIME or PART TIME video editor for production environment.

400 transactions Stock profit & loss calculation in...

(more...) Hello, I own two small businesses that are in need of book keeping.

Obviously I will use Copyscape and Dupecop to check there 100% originality... You will be provided with the ideas of the articles to be written... (more...) using accounting method, first in first out (FIFO)calculate profit/loss.

see the example in first sheet, 30-40% is already completed as example.

(more...) Click impressions and referrals needed for newly deployed website. Pay structure is as follows: 2.8$ for 7000 clicks and 100 referrals. (more...) I need 100 followers on 32 different twitter accounts.Hi, I have recently purchased Win Automation and I needed to automate to log into site download file. I am in need of multiple methods, and I need someone to develop them. ==Web Browser IP Setting== I would like to be able to set an IP for only one web browser object...replace current file on computer I want to make it as automated as possible. (more...) Looking for programming tutor specializing in C#, database programming experience is recommended. Need programmers with min 3 yrs experience in ASP 3.0 and WCF. Product currently exists as desk top client server version....You are asked to complete the 3D design unit models necessary to... (more...) I am designing a industrial/equipment course and safety video. Each segment will be 2-5 minutes long with flash video\'s from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. (more...) Hi, I need some talented and reliable writers those are able to write full time.(more...) We\'re developing games for mobile devices, mostly for Android. Paying for each 500 words original and for rewrite 500 words. (more...) Hi, I need writers who can write academic writing to its best. (more...) What I need done: Rewrite multiple statements/essays, each about 600 words in length. I need some writers who can work in time and can be a real help to me.

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The attached program was written in C Builder or Delphi ...

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