8 dating historic note photograph project quilt quilt reproduction

After Rick's wife asks him to give his niece, Kirsten, a job at the shop, Rick offers Corey his long-desired raise if he can successfully train her to distinguish a real Rolex watch from a fake one.

Items appraised include a 1750s blunderbuss gun whose owner needs to buy an engagement ring; a fighter jet ejection seat claimed to be from World War II; a collection of Vegas autographs that once belonged to a brothel owner; and a 1966 Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle.

Items appraised include an 1845 Harpers Ferry musket; a quilt covered with hundreds of celebrity signatures; an ice marker and ATM receipt from Mc Murdo Station in Antarctica; and a 1950s barber's chair that causes Rick to reminisce of days gone by.

Items appraised include a baseball autographed by the 1951 World Series Champion New York Yankees that needs to be authenticated; a 25-piece Knights of the Round Table chess set cast in pewter; and a 1909 West Point Cadet jacket owned by World War II Lieutenant General Oscar Griswold.After the Old Man misidentifies a Carson City silver dollar, he is cajoled into getting an eye exam.Items appraised include an autographed Chuck Berry Fender guitar; a 1861 Civil War cavalry saber whose unsharpened blade gives Rick cause for doubt; a Native American energy totem; and a 1916 National Cash Register.The Old Man sets up a cuss jar due to habitual swearing on the part of the shop's staff.Items appraised include a dilapidated 1950s Coca-Cola machine brought in by Ron Dale (the brother of recurring restoration expert Rick Dale and future castmember of American Restoration); an 18th-century flintlock pistol that needs authentication; and a 1941 Philco Radio.

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Items appraised include a Dutch East India ship's bell supposedly from a 1602 shipwreck; an early-20th-century roulette wheel; a 1970s Indian racing mini motorcycle; and a pair of Scottish daggers whose owner claims are 200 years old.

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