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When she broke up with me, I asked her if she doubted my romantic and physical attraction to her.

When I told them I was still bisexual, they assumed I was still going through a phase and would eventually decide to be straight or gay. It's not like I suddenly woke up one day with the eureka moment that I liked boys and girls. In the third grade, I was smitten with a girl who played in the band with me.My bisexuality is especially complicated because I experience most of my life in gay spaces as an activist who writes, speaks, and organizes primarily about LGBTQ issues.I also engage in my femininity, an expression historically powerful and radical for queer people.When people like my ex and her friends assume my bisexuality is just a stepping stone to coming out as gay, they presuppose that bisexuality isn’t queer enough.Bisexuality, to them, is half gay and half straight.

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This remedial understanding of my sexuality fails to understand bisexuality's fluidity and complexity.

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